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**Je suis parfaitement bilingue, alors les courriels en français sont les bienvenus!

Capturing moments as they happen isn't just a tag line, it really is what I do.

I specializes in getting the image of THAT one moment. You could say that I'm a photojournalist, but I prefer to call myself a storyteller.

I enjoy creative portraits where I use elements of a scene to complement my subject, be it in an urban environment or as a backdrop for portraits.  I'm also a fly on the wall photographer during events, many people don't even know I am there :)

There is nothing like bringing out the natural smile in someone.  I tend to be a chatty photographer and talk with clients as I work.  It helps keep things relaxed, and the more relaxed someone is, the better the images.

I'm based in Montreal, Canada.  But I am available to work anywhere.


I work with a client to establish the right needs for their project.  Every project is as unique as every subject's smile.

Event Photography

Whether it be a corporate event speaking event, a wine and cheese or a dance show, I offer event photography services based on length of coverage and client needs.  Images are sent in a high resolution a few days after the event, with specific files sent day of if required.

Discount pricing for a block of 4 hours.

Commercial music services

Working with an artist/band on location creating images that can be used on social media, CDs, promo images and pretty much any other use you can think of.  Full group shots, individual portraits, it's all possible.  Shoot lasts a few hours and the more clothes you bring, the more looks we can have!  (this does not include conceptual album covers, inquire for details)

- Live music coverage

Capturing emotions in a fast moving setting with often less than optimal conditions is what I thrive on.  Having killer live shots is a must for any artist.  I'll shoot your show and get you those images

**Discounts available for unsigned / independent artists.  I'm a firm believe in artists supporting artists...inquire for pricing :)

Headshots and Portraits

We live in a visual world and, whether we like it or not, first impressions count.  So having a solid, professional headshot for your business, Facebook, LinkedIn, or a more specific headshot to send to casting directors is a must.  Full sessions last between 1-2 hours.  The standard session  includes 3 high resolution, fully edited images. 

- As not everyone has the budget or need for a full on session, under 1 hour sessions can be booked.  3 high resolution images included, limited changes of clothes.

- A mini session can also be booked if you simply need a quick and professional image. One look and one image, usually done under 30 minutes.

I also cover a select number of weddings each year, as well as family portraits (typically done in your home)

I'm open to most types of photo styles and have made images on film sets, enjoy shooting (and eating) food photography for local restaurants.  I have spoken to students, judged photo contests and have had private students.  So if you like my style, send me an email with your needs and let's get the ball rolling on getting your some rocking photos!

Past, present and (hopefully) future clients have included music promoters, bands, parents, production companies, artists, families, actors, bloggers, web medias, magazines, newspapers, venues, mothers, fathers, school boards,... and maybe you? (I kid, kinda... not really ;) )

(images of me credited to Danielle Froment, Tim Snow (x2) and Didier Kaade)

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